Session 1 – Why Hermeneutics?


Session 1 – Why Hermeneutics?

Definition of Terms and Introduction to P.O.T.

NB: Session 1 –
Here is a PowerPoint Show that covers this Session – READING_AND_UNDERSTANDING_THE_BIBLE-Feb2015 ;

also a Adobe pdf version of the same presentation –

You may view the slideshow online by clicking here …

This Session is divided into sub-sections; the handouts and other documents are as follows:-

1. Session 1a  includes these document(s) in pdf format: –
– Outline: PLCCC_Hermeneutics_Jan-2015_Outline;
– Session 1a:   PLCCC_Hermeneutics_Jan-2015_Session1a;
– Chart, Books of the Bible: Books_Old_New-Testament.

2. Session 1b includes these document(s) pdf format: –
– 1b PLCCC_Hermeneutics_Jan-2015_Session1b;

Reaching the Lost, Churching the Unchurched,Discipling the Committed