Hermeneutics – Seminar Overview


Reading And Understanding The Bible

January 2015
Facilitator: Donald K. Stewart


  1. To provide an overview of the Bible, including introduction to the Testaments, genre and classifications of books.
  2. To affirm the Bible as God’s inspired, infallible Word for all humanity.
  3. To explore basic, acceptable principles by which we can interpret (understand) God’s written Word.
  4. To identify some important tools for reading and understanding the Bible.
  5. To challenge all participants to use the P.O.T. approach in understanding God’s Word.
  6. To set a proper foundation for prospective preachers and teachers of God’s Word.


  1. The Bible
  2. 40 Questions About Interpreting The Bible, Robert L. Plummer, Kregel Publishers, Grand Rapids, 2010
  3. Other selected materials

N.B. Class notes will be provided by the Facilitator, including Power Point Presentations.

Session 1 Why Hermeneutics?   Definition of Terms and Introduction to P.O.T.
Session 2 Overview of the Bible; Testaments, Genres, Classification of Books
Session 3 Basic Hermeneutical Tools and Bible Translations
Session 4 Understanding Language and Cultural Differences
Session 5 General Hermeneutical Principles (Part 1)
Session 6 General Hermeneutical Principles (Part 2)
Session 7 General Hermeneutical Principles (Part 3)
Session 8 General Hermeneutical Principles (Part 4)
Session 9 Confronting Difficult Passages

Reaching the Lost, Churching the Unchurched,Discipling the Committed