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A Time For War!!
A Time For War!!

The truth is that – as long as we have chosen to run from the devil (and his demons) then we have denied God’s power and have, consequently, become an embarrassment to the kingdom of God. This Workbook is designed to be used alongside the text: A Time for W.A.R., Perspectives on Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. It is a product of over 24 years of active involvement in the deliverance, teaching and counseling ministries, primarily in the Caribbean region. When it comes to Spiritual Warfare, we can decide to freeze in fear, flee in haste or fight fervently in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This book, A Time for W.A.R., was written to encourage you to make the right choices so that together we can demolish Satan’s kingdom, in and around our lives.

A TIME FOR W.A.R.!! Workbook
A TIME FOR W.A.R. emphasizes the myths and misconceptions that surround demonic activities. It contains a wealth of Scripture references and dramatic practical illustrations that confirm the reality of Demons, Spiritual Warfare and the Deliverance Ministry. It also points us to the tools that are vital in becoming and remaining victorious — in Jesus’ name. (Jacqueline Hibbert-Pinto, Administrator, W.A.R. Team)


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Spiritual Illumination:  Honest Questions From The Heart
Spiritual Illumination:
Honest Questions From The Heart

“Spiritual Illumination: Honest Questions From The Heart” provides your opportunity to explore the corridors of life for yourself…and to embrace a real purpose for living.

While not intending to generate unnecessary offence, this revolutionary book challenges many long-standing convictions, raises delicate religious issues, confronts countless “holy cows” and unmasks deadly, diabolic deceptions.

These brief Chapters, alongside the accompanying “Reflections” will definitely lead the honest reader to discover viable, authentic spiritual options…especially in an age when many confusing voices are clamoring for attention with enticing offers of “peace”, “unity”, “love”, “health���, “prosperity” and “eternal life”.

This book challenges you to make some hard, conscious, personal, eternal decisions.


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Honest Reflections From The Heart
Honest Reflections From The Heart

You have often heard that: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)… but also that: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8). What kind of heart do you have, and what proceeds from your innermost being?

“Honest Reflections From The Heart” seeks to connect with your own heart; your convictions, passions, struggles and fears. This book challenges you to explore your spiritual foundations… re-examine your religious persuasions…evaluate your ritualistic practices and confront your legalistic perspectives…in search of life-transforming truth. For…as Jesus rightly said: …”Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).



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Purposeful Evangelism And Missions
Purposeful Evangelism And Missions

Aren’t you tired of not knowing what to say…and not being sure of how to reach the lost? Isn’t it full time for God’s people to arise and get busy in the harvest field… and incidentally, how many disciples have you made recently? Purposeful Evangelism and Missions is an integral part of your answer. It forces you to confront yourself in light of the neglected, misrepresented and frequently-debated Great Commission. You too will discover as you read this little book … some real, relevant, radical “Missing Dimensions” that, if considered, could possibly revolutionize your life.

The twenty-first century brings with it a season of secular humanism, moral relativism and religious pluralism. Each present-day Christian must therefore make the increasingly difficult choice whether to identify with enlightened cutting edge ecumenical initiatives or strive for “obsolete” old-fashioned world evangelization. This Workbook was designed to be used alongside the Text, Purposeful Evangelism and Missions: Missing Dimensions. Please make good use of this valuable tool as you grow in confidence and become more effective witnesses of Jesus Christ.



What About Masturbation
What They Didn’t Tell You About Masturbation

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“What They Didn’t Tell Us About Masturbation” contends that there is much more to this delicate, sensitive subject than is usually presented in the mass media . . . and so confidently articulated by our enlightened, broad-minded “professionals”.  Our Church leaders and Christian educators are often divided on this controversial subject and so either provide conflicting, confusing theories or often choose to remain conveniently silent . . . as though by ignoring this reality, it will somehow, mysteriously disappear from our lives.  One of the greatest stumbling blocks in our present, permissive, promiscuous world is that we often function with a shortsightedness that prevents us from seeing beyond the natural realm. We are, therefore, tempted like Lot’s wife in Genesis 19:26 or the Rich Fool in Luke 12:15-21 to keep focusing on the perishable pleasures of this world instead of pursuing those things of lasting value, which have no expiry date. How you respond to truth, of whatever kind, will definitely reveal the condition of your heart, the degree of your integrity and the authenticity of your convictions. You could discretely close the covers of this book and resort to “what they told you about masturbation”, and no one would ever know that you had read this little book.  The verdict is definitely yours.



In Case You Missed It
In Case You Missed It Catch It Now!

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“Evil will always prevail as long as good people remain silent.” Let’s not be part of the hypocritical clan of intellectuals who are afraid of challenging the current evil, while making eloquent post-mortem speeches.  Those desiring to see transformation must get involved in advocacy, dialogue, confrontation and intelligent intercession.  This book is written to assist God’s people in understanding burning social and theological issues … and move towards sustainable solutions.  We live in a confused world with numerous voices crying out for attention and endorsement. I appeal to you: “Be very careful, then, how you live not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).


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If I Were A Demon
If I Were A Demon – For Real

Satan, expelled from heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15, Ezekiel 28:11-19, Luke 10:18), now roams the earth on a desperate destruction – mission, fueled by an eternal vendetta against Almighty God.  As long as we are spiritually malnourished, morally porous (or holey… not holy) and lacking in integrity then we have conceded defeat in our battle against the destructive powers of darkness. In this book we will discover insights concerning the myriad of deadly demonic spirits around us and their diabolic strategies. We must  observe important biblical principles, receive divine illumination and function with  life-transforming convictions. The war is on…and we must win!


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If I Were A Demon Pt2
If I Were A Demon Part 2

There are presently too many manifestations of negative, disruptive and counter-productive phenomena in the Body of Christ for those who claim to be authentic disciples to sit still, philosophizing, twiddling their fingers and basking in ignorance—as though Satan and his demons had gone on an extended vacation, overseas. This book seeks to unearth several of the diabolic roots that are responsible for the strangulation of numerous churches and the destruction of careless, casual, undiscerning Christians, right across the globe. It deals with controversial topics that are often branded taboo by the religious status quo and which we would normally discuss only in our most secret chambers, if any at all. If I Were A Demon (Part 2) acknowledges that a fierce, ongoing Spiritual Battle exists between the two opposing forces, and that human beings make daily choices that will either cripple or empower them in their quest for survival on this tumultuous planet.


Lets Talk Sex
Lets Talk Sex … Going All The Way

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Did you ever notice—what is the first question that is usually asked when a baby is born—and where all eyes are conveniently focused in trying to answer that simple (but important) question? God has equipped us with sexual organs, and the corresponding feelings, desires, urges and drives, but  we have not been programmed like an expensive Dell computer, left to run like a factory machine or put on heat like un-intelligent, spirit-less wild animals, without moral consciences or spiritual illumination. It is full time for the Body of Christ to wake up and start facing the sexual issues in our midst, starting with our own personal lives. Our moral grid must not be set by Hollywood, the secular music industry or the internet web sites, but instead by God’s unchanging Word, as inspired by his Holy Spirit.

Welcome to the start of a challenging, yet sobering, sexual adventure through the corridors of God’s exciting Word. Let’s Talk Sex: Going All The Way, comes as a part-product of 53 years of living; seeing, hearing and experiencing sexual issues—in a morally confused world where hedonistic philosophies dominate and sexual seduction is becoming the order of the day. We all have an integral part to play in finding appropriate solutions for this intoxicated world in which we live. This book dares to explore and expose several brands, genres, categories and expressions of sexual sins that are often … either dangerously ignored, carelessly entertained or blatantly endorsed by popular theology and public opinion.

Have a peaceful, pleasant … but productive journey, as you maneuver through the 10 challenging Sessions which follow.



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Still Ok To Laugh
It’s Still Ok To Laugh. Helping You Live A Healthier Life

“Donald’s accounts are not only humorous and light hearted, but riveting, educational and insightful” (Dr. Trevor H.B. Stewart).
“I read, laughed, reviewed and laughed again. I always enjoy a good laugh!” (Sharonna Brown).
“As I read I was ‘on the edge of my seat’ wondering what will happen next to this ‘crazy’ Pastor Man” (Jacqueline Hibbert-Pinto).
“A good resource material for school libraries … giving youths a viable option for healthy entertainment����� (Clara Ricketts).
“Until I read this, I had no idea one could find so much in life to laugh about, especially one’s own life” (Sharon Anderson-Roach).
“This book is for EVERYONE” (Dr. Janette Stewart).

“A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones”
(Proverbs 17:22, Amp.)


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Theologically Speaking
Theologically Speaking And Much More

Theology was not intended to become a stumbling block but rather a stepping stone. It was never designed to be a discipline that makes simple things more complex or that causes simple people to look like unintelligent morons. It should not serve as an instrument of division but should instead unite God’s people in their quest for truth, purpose and fulfillment. This book, Theologically Speaking and Much More, offers help for those who take Christianity seriously; for those who want to expand the understanding of their Christian identity and their purpose for being alive. The book is reader-friendly and helpful, yet deep and rich with insights from one who has walked the talk.


So What If I Want To Cut Myself
So What If I Want To Cut Myself

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“You can feel the hurt and pain because of the lack of connection, the sense of rejection felt by ‘the captive’ and eventually—the desperate cry for help. Riveting, captivating and informative, with valuable insights into the world of music, human emotions and occult phenomena”
– Glenor Campbell, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.


50 Reasons Why Pastors Get Frustrated
50 Reasons Why Pastors Get Frustrated

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“I find this a frank, uncompromising look at the ministry of the Pastor … hitting the nail on the head in addressing these rarely talked about areas. The truth presented in this book hits home like being kicked by a mule. It should become a hand book for all students in our Bible schools as well as for those already in ministry.” – Wayne Palmer, Apostle, Jubilee Worship Centre, Spanish Town, Jamaica.
“Very fascinating and expresses many of my own thoughts and fears for the Church.” – Glendon Watson, Elder, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Jamaica
“A necessary contribution to strengthen pastoral service in the Body of Christ.” – C. Ray Campbell, Pastor, Refuge Temple, Kingston, Jamaica
“The chapters ring real in their understanding of the issues. Suggestions provided for dealing with each challenge are Biblical and practical.” – David Pearson, Lecturer, Jamaica Theological Seminary


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Confronting Death
Confronting Death

Death certainly has a strange way of drawing family members together while simultaneously revealing the fears, anxieties, insecurities and cultural superstitions which reside in the deep recesses of the human psyche. Death may come suddenly but it should not take us by surprise. What we cannot accurately predict we can still carefully anticipate. Though it is an unexpected eventuality we do not need to be afraid when we know how to be properly prepared, based on God’s infallible Word. While we are neither trying to hasten death nor to frighten our dear readers, the truth (as several insurance companies will remind you) is that: “Stuff Happens


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So You Say You Are Gay, But Are You Happy
So You Say You Are Gay, But Are You Happy

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).  It is true that human beings generally dislike being confronted and that when people are guilty of immorality they are particularly thin-skinned in the face of honest scrutiny. Should we, therefore, be afraid to speak the truth because we don’t want to cause offense? This book expresses what you have always wanted to say about homosexuality, but weren’t quite sure how to say it yourself.


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Confronting The Deadly I Disease ... Before It Kills You
Confronting The Deadly I Disease …
Before It Kills You

Our focus at this juncture is on the deadly I Disease, which has the capacity to generate untold misery and unbelievable, excruciating pains for millions of human beings—both in time and in eternity. It is a chronic illness which is being repeatedly generated by a spiritual virus that usually drives people (especially those with extremely low immunity levels) to deify themselves as though they were the center of the universe and owners of this planet, Earth.



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Issues of Integrity The Truth, the Whole Truth ...
Issues of Integrity
The Truth, the Whole Truth …

Any society that loses its moral and spiritual bearings while indiscriminately affirming technological development, wealth acquisition, cultural emancipation, religious pluralism, situational ethics and the host of other attractive tentacles connected to the global, humanistic agenda is a society that is already in crisis. This book emerged out of a heart cry to see integrity being restored to its true place of residence, beginning in the heart of each professing disciple of Jesus Christ.


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How To Be Spiritual Without Being Spooky
How To Be Spiritual Without Being Spooky

Religion, for many theists, is simply a cop out from facing the challenges of a real crisis-riddled world. The resulting mystical rituals, theological dogmas and elaborate church doctrines are often conveniently designed to evade difficult questions and to ignore the harsh realities of a morally deficient, sin-soaked planet. Instead of utilizing God’s resources to help humanity confront its present maladies, numerous religious institutions have sought to deify their sacred traditions, ceremonies, rituals and rites – as though these had any intrinsic power to either reform or transform desperate, hell-bound souls. How To Be Spiritual Without Being Spooky is written with you, your children and your church community in mind. It provides biblical insights and real-to-life illustrations, geared to facilitate your hearing of God’s voice more clearly in this busy and confused generation.

Reaching the Lost, Churching the Unchurched,Discipling the Committed