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Pastor Donald Stewart
Pastor Donald Stewart DMin, DME

Donald Karl Stewart was called into full-time pastoral ministry in 1986, having previously taught Mathematics and Physics for 9 years in a Jamaican high school, and now serves as one of two pastors at the Portmore Lane Covenant Community Church. He presently holds a Pastoral Diploma (from the Jamaica Open Bible Institute) in addition to a Technical Teacher’s Diploma (from the College of Arts, Science and Technology), a Cert. Ed. and B.Ed. (from the University of the West Indies), along with a M.A. and M.Div. (from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology).

He earned his D.Min. from the Columbia Theological Seminary (Georgia, U.S.A.) in 2002, followed by a D.M.E. (2007) from the Christian Leadership University (New York) and is presently completing his Ph.D. in Theology at the University of the West Indies.

His desire for ministerial competence also led him to do additional studies at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, the United Theological College of the West Indies and the Haggai Leadership Institute (Maui, Hawaii).

Donald has served for several years in Christian Camping, in the Evangelism Explosion III International ministry and in conducting teaching seminars in a large number of churches, Bible Schools and other Theological institutions in Aruba, Barbados, Cayman, Tanzania (Africa), Trinidad and the U.S.A., in addition to his homeland, Jamaica.

He has been actively involved in the “deliverance ministry” for over 23 years and had the privilege of functioning as Coordinator of the Special Ministries (Deliverance) Tents at both the Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn “National Jamaica Crusades” held in Kingston, during the 1990’s.

The W.A.R. Team, which he started over 16 years ago, is an outreach from his local church to develop younger Christians in the area of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, and serves as a vehicle for participation in practical ministry sessions, teaching seminars and training workshops.

Donald and his wife Andrea began serving as missionaries in Africa since October  2015.

Donald has authored more than twenty provocative books with the following titles:

1. Spiritual Illumination: Honest Questions from the Heart

2. Honest Reflections from the Heart: Eternal Perspectives

3. Purposeful Evangelism and Missions: Missing Dimensions

4. Purposeful Evangelism and Missions (Work Book),

5. What They Didn’t Tell Us About Masturbation: Facing The Facts,

6. In Case You Missed It: Catch It Now,

7. If I Were a Demon: For Real,

8. If I Were a Demon (part 2): Things You Don’t Want to Talk About,

9. Let’s Talk Sex: Going All The Way,

10. Let’s Talk Sex (Work Book),

11. It’s Still Okay to Laugh: Helping You Live a Healthier Life,

12. Theologically Speaking and Much More:Conscious Theological Reflections for Ordinary, Everyday People,

13. A Time for W.A.R. : Perspectives on Spiritual Warfare,

14. A Time for W.A.R. (Work Book),

15. 50 Reasons Why Pastors Get Frustrated: The Road to Spiritual Burnout,

16. So What If I Choose To Cut Myself?

17. Confronting Death,

18. So You Say You Are Gay,

19. Confronting the Deadly I Disease,

How to be Spiritual Without Being Spooky,

21. Issues of Integrity,

22. Confronting Death,

His expressed passion is to “evangelize, deliver and educate God’s people towards personal and national transformation”, being motivated by “the love of God” and his personal motto: “Respect for All, Fear for None”.

Donald married Andrea (Shepherd) in April 1984 and together have produced three beautiful daughters: D’Anne-Kay, Nicole’ and Kristi-Lee.

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